Monday, February 22, 2010

Carpinus orientalis 2010/5

One new little beautiful fat Ori. This is a cute one.


  1. hallo sebastian,
    another cute and stunning one indeed ;-). I always can repeat ... you are to envy by your aereas for yamadori.

  2. Hi Sebastian,
    I have one question for you. Do you plant your yamadori in pure liapor?


  3. Nik,
    almost pure Liapor (Floreopor is the name of the product we use).
    I sometimes throw in a few hanful of peat. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. There's no good reason for that. Depends if I have a bag with peat close to hand when I do the potting :)
    But, I believe it is good to put some peat in the substrate. First reason is because of the microflora and microbiology of the substrate, and the second one is for better water retention. Pure floreopor is EXTREMELY fast draining and drying substrate. Maybe too fast?! I wonder?

  4. Yeah, because I think pure Liapor/Floreopor is actuall not soil and so it can not contain any noutritions that the tree needs.
    Thanks for your anwser,

  5. Yes Nik, but that doesn't matter, because, nutritions are regularly applied in large quantities in a way of foliar fertilization and substrate fertilization with long term release organic fertilizer and quick acting foliar fertilizers.