Monday, April 26, 2010

Prolific budding!

This is really a pure joy to my eyes. Because, this means that my hard bloddy work this winter in january and february was not in vain. These photos are just a few details of carpinus orientalis branches and trunks that were dug out three months ago.
Do you remember this tree!!!

There was a discussion on IBC that the tree is rootless. And I was telling the story that the collecting was very difficult and in pure stone, that I wasn't able to extract more roots, but that I believe in shooting power of such a big and old trunk especially from carpinus family. My experience was telling me that everything will be ok. Now, the tree is fully covered in big fleshy buds.
So, all these pictures are from the same tree, that one in particular.
Iwill further provide photos in the future.

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