Monday, April 20, 2009

Walter Pall, Bistra 2009.

So...for two days, we had the opportunity to watch and listen one of the greatest bonsai master in the world. And not just that, we were talking about bonsai, trees, art and life for many hours.

He is inexhaustible source of knowledge and life-logic that I specialy like. We learned a lot about simplicity and naturalness in bonsai design. We learned a lot about naturaly-logic type of thinking. We learned a lot about people and bonsai society.

Thank you Walter, I hope that you felt comfortable in our company and that you will keep on coming to see you students evolve further on. You have put deep roots between this people, and, as we all know, only big trees have such a deep roots.

Thanks again.

more pictures here:

Big prunus mahaleb-tree critique and demo under the watchful eye of the Master.

Mario and Pinus nigra.

Čajko and fagus sylvatica

Čajko and carpinus betulus

On this picture...some of my normal friends and some of my stupid friends. Ah...what can you do, you can't have all, something has to be wrong :)

Don with beautiful Carpinus betulus spp. "urbanus".

And that was it. Sunday late afternoon and Walter "almost" fell asleep in our living room. We pretended we didn't noticed.