Saturday, July 24, 2010

Devil's Pass

There's a place in Croatian woods that is called Devil's Pass. There is an old legend saying that there you can see an entrance to hell. Story also tells that Dante used this place as an inspiration for his descriptions of Hell in his work. So Duda and me, we wanted to check that story and we went for a trip to find the Devil's pass and Hell's Gorge.
There is a beautiful waterfall 70 meters high before one enters The Pass and stairs to Hell's gate.

And a beautiful pond of green water...

And there begins a climb through Devil's Pass.
The road is steep and dark. On each side next to you there are cliffs reaching over a hundred meters in hight.

And when you reach the end of narrow winding path, you can see the gate of Hell, The Hell's Gorge. Huge and dark opening in the Earth's rocky surface.
The feeling is chilly...deterrent.
We decided to go inside, just a few meters from the entrance...because, only that far daylight can penetrate
I had the feeling that that's the last time to see my wife...
The last traces of daylight...that is the furthest we go.

And this is the last photo of a path going deeper. The photo was taken with a flash...otherwise it's a pitch black.
Let's go back now.