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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jim Doyle & Walter Pall

This weekend we had a special opportunity to have Jim Doyle and Walter Pall in our garden. They came to visit us and perform a few lectures. This time, Jim was a main star as this was his first time in Croatia. It is a rare thing to have two such a great names in your garden at the same time. Thank you Walter for bringing Jim! Thank you Jim for coming.

Walter is an old friend so we do not consider him a guest. He is very much at home in our house. Jim Doyle impresed us all. He is a real gentleman, passionate bonsai teacher, very good connoisseur of almost everything on the international bonsai scene. It is amazing that he knows almost everybody and everything. Jim impresed us with his dedication, knowledge and his ability to feel and express art in nature.

We will surely like to have him here again, and...I believe...he has made some promises :)

Unfortunately, we had a very bad weather but that didn't keep us from listening Jims inspiring visions of our bonsai trees. That day passed like minutes.

Under the watchful eye of "The Master"...

Thanks Walter, thank you Jim.
Jim Doyle! You came to our house for the first time, we had a very pleasent time with you. Today when you left, you didn't left completely. You stayed in our hearts.

VIDEO: Jim Doyle - About bonsai in Croatia

VIDEO: Walter Pall - about his beginnings in bonsai

VIDEO: Walter Pall - About bonsai in Croatia

Monday, September 13, 2010

New! SandevBonsai video channel

I have an idea of recording videos during everyday bonsai work, workshops, collecting I opened a video channel on YouTube. I plan to upload first videos during this month. I believe the first videos will be a report on Walter Pall and Jim Doyle visiting our place this weekend. After that comes Mauro Stemberger, and between some collecting trips perhaps. We'll see. Anyway, I'm looking forward to try something new in addition. The link will be at SandevBonsai blogspot and SandevBonsaiSpace announced on time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fagus "The Queen"

This is one monstrous Fagus. My Mario was an owner of this tree, but today, in some strange way, Fagus found a way to my garden so it is mine now. I like this strong tree very much. It is extremely powerful and in its first season it budded everywhere strongly. The trunk diameter: 25cm, width of the nebari 45-50cm.
Its history is very well known to me because we collected it together. The tree is starting to form branches and first signs of future crown can be seen. Next year...first bonsai pot and gentle repotting. The year after...drilling wounds and first wiring.

Strong and healthy this years growth.

Mauro Stemberger / change of dates

There was a change of dates of Mauro Stembergers visit and workshop in Bistra.
New dates will be 22, 23, 24 October 2010. We expect to do almost two full day wiring coniferous material and extensive workshop on deadwood and similar technics.
The event will be closed for public. Report follows shortly afterwards.

Walter Pall & Jim Doyle

We are expecting Walter and Jim 18th and 19th september for a full weekend to do a tree critique and bonsai discussions here in Bistra. The event will be closed for public and will be organised as a friendly private bonsai party . But, the report will be public :) so it can be expected on SandevBonsai blog shortly afterwards.
I'm happy and looking forward for this event!

Saško, Nataša, Leo, Matej

Our dear friends from Macedonia came to visit us this summer. Sashko, Natasha, Leonid and Matej took the ten hour drive from Skopje to Zagreb. We have spent two days together, just talking and laughing (they didn't manage to hide disappointment with my grappa offered for drink :)
Two days passed very quickly, after they went to the seaside to have their vacation.
Thank you dear friends for friendship, sincerity...invitation to your place. We will surely come.
Bonsai showed people can be closer to each other when bounded with same things they love!