Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ancient Pinus mugho - Kevin Willson styling session

Weekend with Kevin Willson. He was very much determined to tame
this ancient beast. After removing one branch 6 cm wide we have counted 60-70 rings. There goes 10-20 rings per centimeter.
As the trunk is consisted of snake like turns packed one on another. The diameter of the trunk which makes those  turns is  20-30cm, so this tree should be...let's just make a conservative guess...200-300 years old.

Here is the colection report from year 2009:

This is just a fresh wood work. It still has to be refined and treated. But now, only important thing is that the tree rests and recovers. Special care has been taken not to twist the branches too much, not to damage live veins and not to brake the bark on bended areas.

Detailed video is coming...