Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter 2

This is my son with Ostrya carpinifolia forest!
So, this is update picture on Ostrya carpinifolia forest planting 19. 12. 2009.

Picea today...

Our garden today...

Big mugo

My little Prunus domestica...wired...update picture :)

Some smaller trees...
More shohin size trees ...

Garden pond


Today, we had 50 cm of snow. That is the best insulating cover for need to worry about cold...and it is cold. For days we have sub zero temperatures, last four days is -8 Celsius.
This is perfect Christmas time.
And snow keeps on going...

Luckily, I have put my winter tyres just a few days ago. What a relief :)

Plants under heavy burden of snow. This will keep them warm over cold and long winter months.

Here, this was suposed to be my garden pond with fish...koi...