Sunday, August 14, 2011

And now something completely different...VITIS VINIFERA (GRAPE VINE) BONSAI

This is something completely new and different to me...not that I haven't seen grape vine bonsai before, but to have one....that's just amazing. I adore the plant, this is one fantastic tree. I am so happy that it found the way to my garden :)

Just look at this on the second photo to enlarge it...just fantastic...

Carpinus orientalis - summer photos

This is one carpinus that is very "treelike" already. I like it. Next year in spring bonsai pot...+ wiring.

Hedera helix - Foliage canopy...foliage to pot ratio

These photos show clearly a crown width...a foliage to pot canopy of my Hedera bonsai. It is interesting to see it from this perspective.

VIDEO: Hedera helix - Ivy, Cleaning roots, removing the moss

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Hedera project

I believe, many of you know my old Hedera bonsai...let's name it Hedera 1. That tree was very successful to me and I love it very much. And of course, that triggered an idea to start a new one all over again. A few years ago, I saw a huge hedera tree growing on and over a big stone at the was leaning to the stone and embracing the rock with his almost humalny rough branches..."hands". And the idea was there :)
As far so good. I have found a nice Hedera plant, already 2-3 cm in diameter on the base, and I have tied it to this rock. That happened 5 years ago. For all this 5 years the tree was forgotten in the corner of the garden...almost never watered and only rarely fed. For five years the tree was not repotted. And I remembered it today. I am only sorry that I didn't take a photo of neglected and overgrown pot with lot of weed growing in it.
I have cleaned the pot, removed fat wires that were holding the trunk of the tree closely to the rock for 5 years, and I did the first ever wiring.
I am very happy with the result, and I can see, even now, that this will be in another five years one more nice and very interesting Ivy.
Now, I will dedicate myself to crown construction and the tree will be repotted next spring. Here on this set of photos the tree is defoliated for easier wiring.

After leaf cutting before wire...

 Possible front...
 Further left view...
 Nebari, still full of moss...needs to be cleaned further...

 Wiring done...
 Wiring done completely...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Croatian Television HRT in my garden

Two days ago, Croatian Television crew came to my garden to make an interview and a small 5 minute reportage about bonsai. The filming is not very well, too many close ups with no view of whole tree...but, it's ok. That is already very good for a crew who doesn't know what bonsai is and how to take a photo of one. I speak in Croatian, of course, sorry.
Here is how it came out: