Monday, June 22, 2009


Ugly little fat Ulmus with beautiful bark

So, what should one do with ugly cut ulmus that has fantastic - fantastic bark! This is a very fat little tree with some 15cm nebari. The flat cut is a problem. Almost certanly, this tree needs to be made even more ugly, destroyed...that will be the only way. Well, something has to be done. The branches on the right are important for a final picture, just too young to do anything with them now.

Branches on the right are too soft for wire, those branches will be left for wiring few months later. Whole tree will be left alone to rest. It growes very strongly and it will become bush in a very short period of time.

I have never imaggined that this old cut portions of a tree can be so hard. It's hard like a rock. And has not rotten for a milimeter in years??? I destroyed a very good and expensive carving tool drilling this little tree.

Prunus domestica update 2

With a fresh new growth. Today, this tree lost the top ugly looking straight branch. Detail like that will never become better, this is something that will always be ugly, so it is better to remove it right now. Being a fast grower, it will take just a few days for this tree to produce ramification in this cut part. The wounds still has to be drilled and finished.