Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VIDEO: Collecting 2013/I

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Just having some fun with my brother and Chajko on a first collecting trip 2013.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not so easy one? Which side is best...if there is such side?

This is problematic tree, and really, not a favourite one. It gives me trouble for a few years. Where the front side should be? From which angle is best to look and to think about possible future design?
If somebody has suggestions...you are most welcome.
In the meantime I will clean and wire branch structure to make decisions more clear...more obvious.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Acer campestre - new material

Acer campestre - new material. I thought the tree was smaller when I saw it on a collection site...but, it turned out to be a very large stump. Trunk is hollow, but seems very healthy with good calousing over all wounds. Now, potted, looks like this tree has an inverted taper and that it's thinner approaching nebari but that's not true. Nebari is very good and wide...almost like a box in which it's  planted. Now, covered with substrate, looks like tree has inverted taper problem.
The only problem regarding this tree is size. I thought I won't collect any more trees that are so big but, it seems ..it's not working.
At the end, I am very happy with this finding because I know that Acer campestre is not so easy to find in form of a good and interesting bonsai starter material. And this one is good.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 kg carpinus - winter styling

This is a tree I was afraid of. I knew that I have to do the wiring this winter...but, I cannot move it alone. It has almost 100 kg together with the rock and substrate and box and everything. I had to ask my friend Chajko to come and to help me move this huge tree. And now, after styling, he has to come  again to move it back.

This is a tree before cleaning unnecessary branches.

After cleaning and before wiring...

This lower left side still has to be drilled and shaped. There won't be a stump like it is now.

And wired tree...five hours later..
I was so happy to finish this job...

You can see the whole story from the beginning, collecting at the collection spot to this day here:

VIDEO with Walter Pall's commentary here: