Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 kg carpinus - winter styling

This is a tree I was afraid of. I knew that I have to do the wiring this winter...but, I cannot move it alone. It has almost 100 kg together with the rock and substrate and box and everything. I had to ask my friend Chajko to come and to help me move this huge tree. And now, after styling, he has to come  again to move it back.

This is a tree before cleaning unnecessary branches.

After cleaning and before wiring...

This lower left side still has to be drilled and shaped. There won't be a stump like it is now.

And wired tree...five hours later..
I was so happy to finish this job...

You can see the whole story from the beginning, collecting at the collection spot to this day here:

VIDEO with Walter Pall's commentary here:


  1. Hola hermano,
    thats what I would titel as a fat one out of the primium class ;-)Simply breathtaking and I am shure, that theres no comparabel one in the world.I specialy love that rocks underneth the Nebari , its a part of its nature-history and very, very special ... I envy you for that stuff ... but thats known ...;-)


  2. Incredible tree! Superb! I love the stone embeded, please don't ever take the stone out, it's part of his life. Congratulations!