Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not so easy one? Which side is best...if there is such side?

This is problematic tree, and really, not a favourite one. It gives me trouble for a few years. Where the front side should be? From which angle is best to look and to think about possible future design?
If somebody has are most welcome.
In the meantime I will clean and wire branch structure to make decisions more clear...more obvious.


  1. Hi Sandev,

    hard to make choice with pictures but I follow my rules:
    I would choose 10th and 12th picture as a front side.

    Hope you enjoy it, if not you can send it to Madrid LoL

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks,
      that is close to my choice.
      I will think about sending to Madrid...I thank you if you'll give him home when I throw him out of the garden

  2. I don't like the stones, so my choice would be:
    1. conicity
    2. no stones
    3. branches

    that makes:

    1. Thanks.
      collected Carp. Or. often comes with the stone and if someone doesn't like that it's hard to find a good one and without a least between the roots. So it is better to get used to that :)

  3. Hallo Sebastian,
    I like stones ;-) even or expecially when they are a part of the history of the tree. My choise would be, that the maintrunk should grow in a straight way up to the sky, not lend the trunk too much to one side. The Nebari has to look natural over the stoneparts and than use a round pot ... not a chinese one with that ornaments , its like a little bit of kitsch ... I think its a graet tree with great expression.


    1. My dear friend...I know you like stones, me to. Also, stones come with white carpinus very often, it's hard to avoid just get them in package.
      Hey Avi, this unfortunate pot was terrible choice, but, that was the only one at hand at that time...and I needed to fit the tree somehow, somewhere.
      To call this pot a kitsch is an insult to kitsch...sorry. This is worst than that.
      Kisses to abana from Duda and me :)

  4. Hello Sebastian,
    I love the stones, so for me is the best front something between 23 and 25. Personally, I would make the stones the main design feature.
    kind regards,