Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Carpinus orientalis "Octopus" - summer update 2013.

Carpinus orientalis "Octopus" 2013. update summer photos. Next year this tree should be in its new pot. This is also becoming more and more established design. It has matured a bit. Further three years and a new pot...the tree could be presentable.

Whole story of this tree you can find here:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Progress - summer update, Carpinus MRCL

Summer update of mrcl Orierntal hornbeam...first two pictures after transplanting in a John Pitt pot this spring.
Last week ago with my beautiful son Luka.

If you have interest in whole story of this starts here:

VIDEO is here:

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My famous tree - full review, cleaning, editing and rewiring

This tree has not been redone with deep selective cutting and rewiring for a number of years. And it begs for some attention. Now, I will start finishing and refining this Ivy...last stage in his preparation for a life of a mature bonsai.
Already, this tree endured 18 years of training...numerous wirings and cuttings.

Picture 1, after repotting and free spring growth in its new pot...

First, total leaf  cutting necessary for detailed cleaning and redesigning crown structure ...

After removing of all the unwanted branches, simplifying lines, full editing and wiring...

VIDEO is coming soon...

Queen Fagus - In leaf again

My garden Queen in leaf again. Smaller leaves, twice the number of branches...that means double ramification for one year training.
Looking good. I am happy for now.
This will be a killer tree in three years time.