Thursday, November 19, 2009

"Everything Else"

...will be a new part of SandevBonsai blog where all the stuff that has nothing to do with bonsai will be placed. These are all little things that make my heart happy and life more colourful. So I want to share them with you my bonsai friends...and...maybe we'll find even more things that can keep us closer to each other...some new hobby...another passion...who knows.
Greetings to you all, wherever you are... :)

First posts soon (I have to do something while I wait for winter to pass away and more yamadori collecting can be done!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

What has happened with my little prunus? (prunus domestica update 4 - basic structure)

Well, on the upper link you can see the beginning of the "prunus domestica story". (sorry, this post was still written in croatian...but, you can look at the "motorsaw foto session" :) )
This incredible and tough little tree is starting to get form and appearence :)

Stage one

After "motorsaw session".

First growth in spring after motorsaw drilling!
First spring wireing of a new shoots.
Today, the autumn leaves are gone. The tree is ready for more wireing.

This is the result of second wireing. Basic form is starting to emerge.
This is fine for me for now. The trunk will be further drilled at the end of winter to finish this approximate cuts done with a motorsaw. So, this is it for now.
This tree is indestructible and grows like crazy. What a life energy! At the end this little prunus will be cca 40 cm high.