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Friday, December 31, 2010

Overwintering trees - experimenting with some principles

As it is widely accepted, the best way of overwintering the trees that stay outside is to put them on the ground. So, you just take them of their shelves or posts and put them down on the ground. That is the basic principle that Walter Pall thaught us a few years ago. I decided to check the raw phisics behind that overwintering technic.
I prepared two (2) identical thermometers (same type, same model, same manufacturer).
One thermometer was placed 1.80 meters from the ground at the eye sight, fixed on the doorpost. We can call it T(1).
The other thermometer was placed on the ground surface in my garden. (the ground cover is grass - now frozen)
During these  days we've had a few centimeters of snow over the grass (up to 10 centimeters). The second thermometer was forced through the snow, in the upright position, until it reached the ground.
That second thermometer  is T(2).
The measurements were checked at the same time in succession for a week. Sometimes twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


T(1) -9C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -6C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -5C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -8C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -5C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -6C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -5.5C...T(2) -2.5C
T(1) -4C...T(2) -3C
T(1) -3.5C...T(2) -2C
T(1) -6C...T(2) -3.5C

It is possible to make more measurements but I believe that something can be concluded even now. Temperature is NOT the same on bonsai shelves and on the ground level.
Snow (even that thin cover) can serve as a good insulator in addition to ground level position.
Temperature rarely drops below -3C on the ground level and if it does, that changes are much slower than on bonsai shelves or posts.
So, if you have the opportunity, always put bonsai pots on the ground. If there's a snow, let it cover pots and trees. In addition, you can add more with a showel. That's a perfect way to overwinter the trees in the garden.

P.S. Happy New Year to all of you my bonsai friends.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Mauro Stemberger weekend ... 22. - 23. 10. 2011.

It is a big pleasure to inform you that we will have a weekend with Mauro Stemberger on 22. - 23. 10. 2011. Zagreb, Bistra.
Mauro will perform a demo with an outstanding pinus mugho "Constrictor". Second day - workshop with Mauro Stemberger.
Everybody is welcome.
Admission fees will be announced later but on time.
Anybody interested please contact me via e-mail

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kevin Willson - Demo & Workshop

Kevin Willson - Demo and Workshop will be held in Zagreb, Bistra on 24. - 25. 09. 2011.

The Theme will be "Drilling technics". First day Kevin will perform a demo. Second day we plan to have a workshop whole day with maximum 8 participants. Anybody with an interest, please, let me know as soon as possible because, places will be occupied in a short time.
The exact timetable will be announced after New Year.

Admission fees will be announced in a few weeks time.

There will be no limitations in a number of spectators for watching demo or just watching workshop. Admission fees for watching the whole event will be announced in a few weeks time.
Anybody me on my e-mail:
See you !

Friday, December 3, 2010

My new Rc Car blog

Rc Addiction Disorder

Remote control cars, trucks and hellicopters. The things that I love very much.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moments together

Hey, what are you doing. Mario did not understand that the demo was over.
Don with an extra head. Chajko's head budded from Don's. That's because, everybody wants to be Chajko and his ideas are infectious.
Don after surgery and removal of an extra head. Looks ok.

Thank you Mauro and Ilaria

Thank you Mauro. You are great. So cool :) !

So, I will remember given promises...see you next year, spring at your place and autumn in Bistra again. Can't wait to see your trees!!!

Thanks Ilaria! Big hug and a kiss to you ;) .

Mauro Stemberger Demo - Pinus mugho, day two

Day two. Chajko's pinus mugho kengai!

Mr Stemberger and Kimurica examining the tree.

Happy Kimurica :)
Finished cascade

Mauro Stemberger Demo - Pinus mugho


Mugho after collecting 2008.

Mauro starts and explains the plan.

Fase 1 - cleaning and removing unnecessary.

Fire, fire everywhere

Makita touch
Raphia and wire
Nitto tape

Bend me and tie me down...

Few final adjustments
Five hours mugho with our sensei..

Monday, October 18, 2010

For everybody who is coming to work with Mauro Stemberger next weekend

We will start Saturday 10.00h.
Lunch break at local Pizza Lasagne restaurant 13.00-14.30h. Coffee.
Afternoon start 14.45/15.00h.
End of the first day 19.00h

Dinner together 20.30h.......

Sunday starting at 9.00h
Finish 15.00h

Detailed info on my mail

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fushigi (miracle) orientalis

This was my friend Mario's tree. Well, we've found the way and now it's mine. He named it "miracle"...japanese word will be "fushigi", so I'm gonna keep the name Mario originally gave to this tree.
This is one outstanding tree. Even now, as a starting material looks very good. Next year or during the winter...first wiring. So we'll see. I see a great future. Pay attention to fantastic sculpted trunk and nebari!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mugho season 2010.

Collection site.

It is probably ideal when the tree growes on the rock or at least leaning on the rock. Many finer roots find their place in the mugho needles duff that gathers on the rock beneath the tree. You can see roots protruding from the duffy bed formed on the rock.

Mugho in temporary box which will be his home for the next 4-5 years.

Zig-zag trunk pattern that attracted me to this tree. This is not really visible on photos, sorry
Back side is also very interesting, one more option for future design. Didn't take a photo of back side, maybe next time.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jim Doyle & Walter Pall

This weekend we had a special opportunity to have Jim Doyle and Walter Pall in our garden. They came to visit us and perform a few lectures. This time, Jim was a main star as this was his first time in Croatia. It is a rare thing to have two such a great names in your garden at the same time. Thank you Walter for bringing Jim! Thank you Jim for coming.

Walter is an old friend so we do not consider him a guest. He is very much at home in our house. Jim Doyle impresed us all. He is a real gentleman, passionate bonsai teacher, very good connoisseur of almost everything on the international bonsai scene. It is amazing that he knows almost everybody and everything. Jim impresed us with his dedication, knowledge and his ability to feel and express art in nature.

We will surely like to have him here again, and...I believe...he has made some promises :)

Unfortunately, we had a very bad weather but that didn't keep us from listening Jims inspiring visions of our bonsai trees. That day passed like minutes.

Under the watchful eye of "The Master"...

Thanks Walter, thank you Jim.
Jim Doyle! You came to our house for the first time, we had a very pleasent time with you. Today when you left, you didn't left completely. You stayed in our hearts.