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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

VIDEO: Walter Pall - About differences between European and Japanese bonsai/style


  1. I can´t agreed more.

  2. hello Sebastian,
    many thanks for that videos you have made with Walter. It's full of Informations and I could imagine that the whole day when Walter visitet you you ate talking about bonsai, bonsai .... bonsai ;-)


  3. I have been creating bonsai for 4 years now, and as an accumplished artist in drawing and painting found it hard to create bonsai like the japanese because I am an Australian. I don't draw or paint like the Japanese (even though I love thier art work)so why should I do bonsai like them. The trouble in Australia is nearly all who teach bonsai have learnt from a few who learnt thier skills in the same period of time of japanese bonsai evolution the 50's and early 60's and this is where australian bonsai has been stuck. all I can say is thanks WP for sticking up for your way and thank god for the internet.It want take me 60 years to catch up