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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fagus "The Queen"

This is one monstrous Fagus. My Mario was an owner of this tree, but today, in some strange way, Fagus found a way to my garden so it is mine now. I like this strong tree very much. It is extremely powerful and in its first season it budded everywhere strongly. The trunk diameter: 25cm, width of the nebari 45-50cm.
Its history is very well known to me because we collected it together. The tree is starting to form branches and first signs of future crown can be seen. Next year...first bonsai pot and gentle repotting. The year after...drilling wounds and first wiring.

Strong and healthy this years growth.


  1. Hello Sebastian,
    somewhat it is nicely to hear once again from you and of course to see some of your stunning trees. I remember this beech. Mario had shown the pictures at the stage after digging out. A stately, very impressive beech. Wonderfull !!!
    It was a pity that we could not meet on Walters summermeeting ... but I think the will come ;-)


  2. Thanks avi!
    I didn't manage to Walters place this year, next year I will surely be there!
    Stay cool :)