Monday, February 23, 2009

Big Čajko's carpinus - Extreme yamadori collecting

So, this is Team "Ž" in it's full constitution. And the task is big, if not even bigger than big!!!
Čajko has set eye on enormous Carpinus orientalis that grows almost in pure stone and rock. The terrain is terrible, but...there is greater force than rock and stone :)...The Team is complete and determined. The tree WILL be in Čajko's garden. Today.

Furious face and crazy look, that's what it's needed to be able to take the beast from pure rock. Obviously, Čajko has all qualities.
In Čajko's hands you can see a 1.5 meter chisel for breaking stone and cutting roots. We have several like this one.

Look at the ground. On this picture, first layer of stone is removed so that nebari of the tree can be seen. The tree even sits on a rock. It's a natural root over rock style.
Beautiful terrain for digging trees, don't you think!

We had to use big hammer with 5 kg head to break the rocks around the tree.

After some hours...The Beast is free. Foto cannot show you realistic impression of the tree, nebari...gigantic trunk ...

My friend is happy. That is all what's important.

This task is very hard even for three strong men. This is really extreme yamadori collecting. But we just started the season. So many trees to many rocks to move...we are just catching form :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carpinus orientalis yamadori V

This is one new Carpinus orientalis. It grows on a flat rock and all roots grow on the surface of the rock down towards the ground and in the soil. That makes the nebari very interesting. Although, nebari is one sided but it's very flat. So, in the future, the tree can be planted lieing down on the ground with that side that has no nebari. Or a rock can be put where there is no nebari. From the front view, the surface roots are beautiful and spectacular.
The tree on a flat rock.
The tree lifted from the ground. All the roots grow in one direction...down the rock face. There were two big roots from the back side of the rock, and when that roots were cut off, the tree was free.
On this picture you can see a dense mat of roots wich were growing in a very flat space on the rock surface, almost like a bonsai pot. You can also see the cuts of two big roots that were growing on the back side of the stone.

This tree was not so heavy. And the car is near... :)

The Frog

This frog is one of the guardians of my garden. Now, in winter, he is seldom seen because he likes warmer months. I cought him sneeking around the garden and I took this picture.
Farewell froggie, see you when the snows pass and the trees start blooming!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carpinus orientalis yamadori III & IV

So, this is the Animal still captured in stone. And this is the beginning of one hard bloody dig.
Nebari and lower part of the trunk are still under the rocks and stones.

After cca 2 hours 45 min. It's over. The monster is free. This is impossible for one man. I believe that for the task that big needs two to three strong men. Thank you my friends Mario and Chajko The Psycho.

This is the second one, much smaler one but still very nice.
"Come on, shoot the damn picture, I cannot hold it any more!!!"

Nice C. orientalis clump. Beautiful bark. Same evening before potting the trees.

This one is big. Maybe the biggest orientalis this year. Nebari is app 50-60cm wide. The tree is a natural Ishitsuki ( root over rock style), and the rock between the roots was impossible to remove. But, the tree is even more beautiful with the stone in his nebari. So we didn't force it out. That was three hours dig and it was very hard to brake the rocks. Thanks to my friends we did it. In these pictures, the tree has white dust on the bark as a consequence of breaking rocks.

This is a very big tree.

Friday, February 13, 2009