Saturday, February 14, 2009

Carpinus orientalis yamadori III & IV

So, this is the Animal still captured in stone. And this is the beginning of one hard bloody dig.
Nebari and lower part of the trunk are still under the rocks and stones.

After cca 2 hours 45 min. It's over. The monster is free. This is impossible for one man. I believe that for the task that big needs two to three strong men. Thank you my friends Mario and Chajko The Psycho.

This is the second one, much smaler one but still very nice.
"Come on, shoot the damn picture, I cannot hold it any more!!!"

Nice C. orientalis clump. Beautiful bark. Same evening before potting the trees.

This one is big. Maybe the biggest orientalis this year. Nebari is app 50-60cm wide. The tree is a natural Ishitsuki ( root over rock style), and the rock between the roots was impossible to remove. But, the tree is even more beautiful with the stone in his nebari. So we didn't force it out. That was three hours dig and it was very hard to brake the rocks. Thanks to my friends we did it. In these pictures, the tree has white dust on the bark as a consequence of breaking rocks.

This is a very big tree.

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  1. Hi fellow,

    I envy you for the fat carpinus and I can imagine pretty well, how it should look like in the end. I´ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    Regards from Austria