Sunday, February 3, 2013

Acer palmatum - let's start from scratch

Acer palmatum, japanese import. Neglected in a garden center for few years. It was close to death in spring. Fortunately, it recovered completely and grew very well throughout the season. But, as far as branches are concerned, I have to get back to scratch. That means, establishing basic lines, constructing a clean start for  a future crown architecture. And that means....this will look terrible after branch selection. But, in the end it will shine again.

This process of branch selection is something that just has to be done. It is impossible to avoid it, especially with neglected and overgrown trees..if you want to the end...a beautiful ramified branch structure, and not just a bush.

Story begins here:

Follows here:

Nebari is powerful, probably too big. The final hight of the tree will be higher that it is now, so the nebari won't be that much out of scale as it is now.
The tree will stay in this temporary pot for next two years. During this time, periodical thinning and branch selection will be done. Otherwise, the tree will be left alone and fed aggressively.

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  1. I allready like it better than how it was. I bet you felt it good with this tree, that silent but strong inner voice, you can only listen to, and when you finally feel that blessed feeling that makes you have goose bumps ...'yes'... even when others would say 'what have you done !!!'... you know you layed open the soul of the tree, like you found some secret truth. That makes art, its at its best when its very silent