Sunday, August 14, 2011

And now something completely different...VITIS VINIFERA (GRAPE VINE) BONSAI

This is something completely new and different to me...not that I haven't seen grape vine bonsai before, but to have one....that's just amazing. I adore the plant, this is one fantastic tree. I am so happy that it found the way to my garden :)

Just look at this on the second photo to enlarge it...just fantastic...


  1. hello friend, perhaps already know it, but to keep healthy to have to apply vitis sulfur powder often.
    First curdling when flowers and fruits form, and then for conserven.when miticide is also prevents attacks on the fruits of the chandelier also red.Here in the vineyards planted roses to see the status of fungi and to apply sulfur.
    Apply once every 10 days or so, early morning or late evening, the cool temperatures avoid leaf burn from the heat of the sun.
    The land where I live is a land of wine ...


  2. The brown leaves have your vitis prevents dusting sulfur ;)