Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big orientalis season 2009 update

Second year and second stage of deep cutting. Remember this tree?
Now it was the time for temporary pot hight reduction and some basic deep cutting of long branches. Basic form is starting to emerge.

The bark that was originaly under the ground surface is maturing. It is becoming cracked and fissured.
I am thinking of further reduction of hight of the tree but...that's it for now. We will see how it works. If you are not sure, it is always better to work in stages than to hurry and be sorry later.


  1. good work and a realy stunning carpinus, Sebastian !.
    I would not shorten the hight of the tree, I think the proportions are more natural if you let it in this shape. A masterpiece I think ;-).

  2. Puno bolje!!! Sad mu treba dati vremena da osnaži grane i onda odabrati glavne za osnovnu strukturu krošnje. Bit će to predivan tajwanac.

  3. Avicenna,
    I agree with you. I am satisfied by now. Thanks for your kind words my friend.

  4. Mario, hvala frende. Ma bit će ok.
    Pravi Bistranac.