Saturday, April 24, 2010


I want to inform you that I have a good reason to be inactive for such a long time. It is not the case that there's nothing to do with plants or in the garden but...I had a traffic accident with a motorcycle and I broke my right arm very badly. I had a surgery two days ago and they implanted me a metal bar in my upper arm and a few screws. It is still very painful and it will take some time that I will be able to do some work with my right arm. I was released home and now i can start rebuilding the strenght in my right arm slowly.
Soon, in a few days time, I will publish my new website. Of course, this blog stays where it is.
Thanks guys.
I will put some new pictures soon, my wife Duda will help me do it.
Life goes on.


  1. It's better to do Bonsai or Yamadori than driving with a motorcycle ;-). Get well soon Sebastian !

  2. Hi Sebastijan,
    I wish you fast recovery.

  3. Hello Sebastijan ... Have a healing as quick and more complete:)

  4. Sorry to hear that. I am really enjoining your blog.
    Hope you are recovering fast!

  5. Thank you Scented leaf, I will be back soon. Now, my action is still limited because of my surgery.