Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fat prunus first wireing


  1. nice looking good.whats the size of this tree?

  2. Well, nebari is 35cm wide, the trunk is 25cm fat and the hight of the tree is NOW 50cm but the tree will be higher in future for maybe some 15cm.

  3. Hallo Sebastian,
    I told you my opinion of that prunus before. I hope your future imagines will come true and you will be satisfied with this fat one :-).
    I hope you will stay at walters summer meeting in august and we will meet there. I would be glad if we could make a trade there. I dont know weather you have got a rockbowl already, perhaps at walters stay in kroatia. If you need a special rockbowl, perhaps for your forest of carpinus, give me the dimensions, the size of it and I try to create a bowl as you want it ... and in trade you give me a stunning, fat p. mugo or a stunning carpinus orientalis ... this ones didn't grow in my aerea at all :-) and they would fit my collection very well ;-). Would that be an offer for you ? :-)
    If you need more rockbowls, let me know and we could deal about that.
    I hope we will meet there and so long .
    avicenna (