Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VIDEO: SandevBonsai - Potting of raw material by Goran Chajko - Big carpinus or...


  1. You guys seem to think you're showing us something we don't already know - something you just invented.

    What can be more ordinary than this?

    Oh, one more thing: orientalis is an adjective, not a noun. Carpinus is a noun. And it's not pronounced 'car pIE - nes' but 'cAr-pee-noos'.

  2. No, I have not invented potting of trees. And, why do you think that I am showing that to you?
    I am showing this to people that have never seen it or do not know.
    If that's too simple for you...do not watch. That's the cure.
    Thank you for your effort to correct my English.

  3. Hallo Sebastian and Chajko,
    you've done well by showing us that fat potting session. It was not only the potting what was interesting (what is your experiance with those fat pumicestuff you use ? Is'nt it too large in diameter ?), also your cutting back of this rawmaterial. A stunning fat tree indeed, but when you cut back the apex, I say to myself, oh what they are doing now ?!! You reduce that carpinus so much, that now it is only a fat stump, ok, a stunning stump :-). But , in my opinion and with my view and feeling, I would have leave more the hight of the tree. It takes so many years to get this strenght and with new branches in a larger size I think it would look more impressiv. But this is my opinion, of course.
    Was this a tree out of 2011 ?

    saludos you both

  4. My dear friend
    Big pomice is a great stuff. Trees grow in it like crazy. But, BUT, we usually add some smaller particels like smaller pomice or floreopor in the mix. I am sure that big pomice is great even pure, especially for conifers like mughos...taxus and so.
    Regarding cutting back the apex...that is Chajko's decision..at the end. I was also compliant with that action. Maybe, if you have seen the tree in reality, maybe you would find that apical part too much. The problem was... that apical part was without taper, visualy heavy. The tree looked less mature and powerful with that fat and ugly apical branch than without it. But the tree needs extension in hight, that's for sure. But that will be achived with new branches and ramification, not with that heavy branch. We've had the feeling that this apex was just too fat and heavy for the apex. But, bottom line is...there's no right and wrong doings in bonsai...just what someone likes matters. I know Chajko's happy. There will be apex on that tree, don't you doubt it :)
    greetings to you and abanna :)

  5. Hallo Sebastian,
    thanks for answering so quickly. You've done the wright speach ... "But, bottom line is...there's no right and wrong doings in bonsai...just what someone likes matters". Thats for sure :-)but notice, you and your guys there in Kroatia have the original sence,nose and sensibility for finding and styling stunning trees. I always could repeat ... I envy you ;-).
    But one question was missing ... Do you dug out this carpinus o. from Chajko this year ?
    Do you just open the yamadoriseason wright now ? :-)

    saludos to you and Duda ;-)

  6. Yes avi, that tree was collected last saturday, potted on sunday. We have already been on few collection trips this year, and intend to do a few more. Yes, this year we started a bit later, but still it is not so late! A two or three more trips and we're done. Mario and Chajko collected much more than I did this year. Well, I have so many of these in my garden, and also,I bought some of Marios trees...and that is just too many for now. So, when I go on collection trip, I am starting to be very spoiled, I don't want to collect anything that I really don't like. I collected a few pieces this year only for sport and to make videos about how to collect on rocky terrain. Otherwise, I didn't find anything so good that I would collect it. Ok, a two or more trips still to go :)

  7. Now that's a nice orientalis. I have just one question: Where did you get the big pumice?

    Regards, Nik

  8. Nik,
    I ordered it from Italy through a garden center in Zagreb

  9. I would like to say something to the anonymous friend ... is very easy and cowardly to comment anonymously and in this way...

    You are master bonsai? do you know everything ? For some of us do our first steps .. these videos and information is very important .. if you know all about bonsai... make us a favor and leave us..!!

    ps.. how is my English ?

    Very good job Sebastijan .. please go on.!!!!!!

  10. valsgeo,
    some people asked me why have I published such a primitive comment???
    my answer was...that doesn't bother me at all. that's "his" shame, not mine.
    don't worry my friend, I will go on :)

  11. Please keep making these videos Sebastijan. I love anything to do with yamadori - these are helping me get through the winter! My collecting season does not start until late April :(

    Great tree. I am not sure how I feel about removing the apex, but I would have to see the tree in person. And of course it is the owners taste.

    Thank you!

  12. Great videos! So much more than just potting.

    Thank you!

  13. Sebastian and Chajko,

    Thank you for sharing this video. I live in the USA at the base of the Rocky mountains. We are in the depth of winter and I can't wait for spring. I'm not a beginner to bonsai but it is alawys fun to watch fellow bonsai enthusiasts potting up their new Yamadori. I feel sorry for sad life the anonymous guy must be having. He's a self absorbed jerk.
    Thanks again for sharing your adventures with us.