Sunday, February 19, 2012

New collected material: Big old carpinus raft

New collected Carpinus, a big and old raft with an interesting bark and rotten parts of main trunk. Plenty of fine roots, not so easy to collect.

Yes yes, there's a hole in my pants, a big one :)

Potted and face for scale

possible back side

details of the trunk


  1. Lovely yamadori!! do you make your own wood boxes? That`s the best way!

    Rgds and thanks.

    1. Actually, I have a very good and friendly carpenter only 10 min from my house, so I can give him a call right from the collection site, tell him measures and, when I arrive home, the box isbalready waiting for me. Yes, I believe that wooden boxes are very good first containers for yamadori. Much better than plastic. Much more stable, do not flex, the tree is firm in the substrate and you can screw the tree with screws for the wooden sides of the box for even stronger fix

  2. You right my friend! all certains things you said!! thanks for your reply...

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  3. Thanks Alberto. Will put your link on mine too