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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Transplanting a huge carpinus

How to transplant a huge and heavy tree? This Carpinus even goes with the rock between the roots so it is even heavier. The wooden pot on the first photo measures 95x95cm. Tree grew in it for two years. Now it is time to transplant the tree and the plan is to put it in a slightly smaller box which measures 70x70cm. The tree will stay in this box for 2-3 years while I will be working on ramification and crown architecture...and then, next step will be a bonsai container.
I am using a winch to lift the tree from the pot.

 See me with the tree for sense of scale

Aaaaaand ....we have lift off...

Tree has produced  nice roots during past two years... 

Let's try to cut it more..

New smaller box, a final step before a bonsai pot

I fix the tree in the pot...or for the pot with long screws. Screws are fixed in all big surface below

Repotting finished. I am very happy with the reduction of box size with two square meters more space in my garden...second thing that makes me happy is the fact that tree produced lot of roots during last two seasons.

More of this tree....from the beginning...

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  1. Hello Sebastian,
    ever I see your stunning carpinus I get water in my eyes ;-). It's breathtaking ! and even your littel tricks to handel this huge plants are great!
    Hope one day I could take a look at you collection.