Wednesday, May 16, 2012

VIDEO: Correcting reverse taper, radical tree surgery

This tree was practicaly useless with a very nasty inverse taper. We'll try to correct that radically.
This procedure is relatively simple and even much more easy and elegant with thinner trunks. The trunk of this mahaleb is very fat and hard, so more radical tools and actions must be taken.
The result is more than good and, from my point of view, the tree has a good future again.

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  1. hola Sebastian,
    good idea and a good job ;-) and a sufficient result.


  2. You are crazy! But I like you! Very interesting modifikation. I'm realy interesting about how it looks in 5 years later. I think it would be natural.

  3. You should have seen my face when I saw the hammer :)
    I am really interested in seeing the tree in a couple of years! Especially to see how you fixed the shari problem - not the hole, but the remainings of removed branches.

  4. hello Sebastijan,
    nice work, as always :)
    I´d like to ask you a question. Ain´t it a big stress for the tree, to be repoted and corrected the trunk at ones, when it is already in leafs?
    I think it would be better to do this in spring time.
    Wish you all the best!

    1. Rasto,
      it is spring here, where I live, and trees are growing very strongly now, in May.
      Well, this could be done a few weeks earlier, but, knowing Prunus mahaleb , this will not harm the tree at all.
      Of course, you cannot do this type of technic without repotting the tree for obvious reasons.
      I wouldn't be doing that in the middle of summer, but now it's ok.
      Tree growes very nothing happened. So, with this species and in this part of the year, it is very much safe.
      the bottom line is, this only looks traumatic for the tree, but the truth is, it's not a big deal and the tree hardly notice anything happened.
      bigger trauma is repotting than trunk split

  5. Sebeastian,
    thanks for the answer. It were exactly my thoughts, that repotting in leafs is bigger trauma than trunk split. keep us posted :)

  6. Hi Sebastjan,

    I would like to see the faces os those who treat their bonsai like little princesses only with the most expensive and shiny japanese-bonsai-tools...
    For them you are a maniac and "serial torturer" of trees :)

    Not that I´m able to visualize right now a good overall result of the tree in some years... but I like your general ideas and you have some fantastic trees.

    All the best