Friday, March 14, 2014

VIDEO: Huge Carp - Spring cleaning, ready for season 2014

More about the tree here:


  1. Hallo Sebastian,
    I like this tree very much especially the lime Stones and the old roots wich are growing around. Stunning and breathtaking as we know your trees ;-)


  2. Wow...
    You can find powerful bonsais
    You can find huge bonsais
    You can find even almost grotesque bonsai trees.
    This is the one and only for the beauty of which i would use the word BRUTAL. In a positive way of course... It's brutally powerful.. Brutally wonderful...
    Again.. Wow!!

  3. hi there!my names justin.ive been really enjoying watching your videos,id like to ask you a question,in this one i cant help but notice it looks like you've trimmed down the top sides of your training pot?is this so?im assuming if you have done this it is to lower the soil level and,in turn,get the roots to grow lower so you can expose more of the nebari?once again,love your vids and only wish i could find such beautiful yamadori where i live here in southern australia!

  4. hi there sebastijan!my names justin,ive been watching your bonsai vids and even though i live in a bit different climate(south australia)i find them very interesting.i especially like your info/vids on collecting yamadori.i only wish i could find such beautiful examples here where i live!id like to ask you,in this vid you seem to have trimmed down the top sides of your training this so?if it is im assuming it is for lowering the rootball and exposing more of the nebari?