Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Walter Pall at my place

Walter was so kind to bring me some pots I needed for repottings this spring.
Those are probably definitive...or at least very close to definitive pots for those few trees. One of them is extra large and I thank Walter for having trouble finding a pot for my extra large tree.
Photos after repotting will be here posted in a few days.
I was also happy to meet Thomas who acompanied Walter on his trip to Istria.
Always good feeling to have good people close in my garden...especialy Walter who is at home at my place after all those years.
We discussed a few trees...and although our time togeather was very short...I enjoyed it very much.
HE PROMISED...we will do more of Bonsai Academy with more advanced trees and less with a fresh starter material.
Thanks Walt for your photos.


  1. Beautiful trees and setting sir!
    I am curious, what is the purpose of the screen/mesh on the ends of the root stumps? Are you trying to encourage finge roots to sprout from the ends? Does it work?

    1. Matthew
      Yes...the mesh holds tightly packed moss with some substrate...that can...well maybe not encourage but prepare and provide a good medium...a good conditions for the possible new roots to generate
      Sometimes that works very well...sometimes doesn t
      It is in any case a good thing to try to preserve moisture in plant tissue if you want any new growth on that part of the plant
      In 2 or 3 years can leave those sprouted fine roots and build them further...or places when no roots have formed some carwful drilling to refine the emergence profile of a cut root.