Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alex "The Pot Master"

And here is my dear friend Alex who knows everything, but EVERYTHING about bonsai pots.
He was, as last year, of great help in choosing and explaining pots for bonsai. Full of informations and knowledge, his presentation is second to none.
Thank you for your time and your help. Remember our deal-we are expecting you in Croatia in near future. I think it will be nice that you do a Pot critique in front of the audience. That could be very very interesting and we could also learn a lot. And of course, that could be something new in a way bonsai conventions are organised.

Thanks Alex!

One small part of Walter Palls collection of pots.


  1. Does Alex have a webpage or blog that I can follow his work and contact him about bonsai pots? I am an avid new student of the bonsai and pottery arts, and would like to view the works of the best and receive their input!

  2. Hi Sebastijan!
    Thank you for the nice report! It was a pleasure to talk to you and your friends.
    I hope to see you soon in Croatia!
    I have no blog; I think I am not professional enough to have one. Most things I know about pots and choosing the right one I have learned from Walter.
    Best regards, Alex