Friday, April 29, 2011

Fagus "The Queen" in spring outfit

First photo 2009 by Mario.
The tree was collected in 2009. Long branches were left on the tree because there were only buds at the ends of the branches...and it is known that fagus has to have at least one active last years bud on a branch in order that branch survive. So, deeper and deeper prunning was performed during a period...from 2009 to 2011
 Spring 2011. Finaly, the needed reach of deep prunning is achieved. Only now I can start to build the crown. And here we go... I will take at least another 5 years for the tree to become presentable, but then...beware of this Queen of spring in freshly green spring dress.
New buds developing very well...
Face for scale leaf

Still raining

Temporary box will stay for another 2 years. It would be of no good to upset the roots in this fase of recreating the crown; the tree needs much energy to produce such a profuse growth...and, there is no better way than to leave the tree in its present pot for a few years.

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