Thursday, April 7, 2011

New pot for a big tree

After two years of undisrupted growth, the time has come to repot this tree. This is one of my first carpinus orientalis trees, so I was still afraid if the tree will take root after collecting, how much root can I take off in the proces of collecting and so on...
Fortunately, the tree grew very 99% of carp.orient. do after transplanting from nature.
The tree has a big and heavy rock between surface roots...not only surface roots but even more, the rock is enclosed in lower part of the trunk...that makes it impossible to remove even if I will want to do something like that. Which, of course, I won't. That makes it natural ishitsuki or root-over-rock tree.
The pot in which the tree was planted is a pinnacle of bonsai aesthetics but, that was the only one that I had and in which was possible to fit the tree.

 Look at this fantaaaastiiic pot :)
 It even has a little flowers on the side...