Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Carpinus The Champ - first photos - potted

Little Champion potted and prunned. Unfortunately, fantastic nebari is now under the soil surface...but, it is safer this way. Now, I like the tree even more. Excuisite little grotesque, like trees from the Snowhite's magical and scary forest. This tree has NO scars on the trunk, no big branches to cut directly on the trunk, and still fat and powerful with old bark. There was no big root to cut under the root ball, just finger sized roots and plenty of tiny roots...great and ramified root system. The soil on my new location  is even better than on that previous one. I think that, with time, I like more and more grotesque shapes, something like fantasy tree creatures. That concept attracts me more and more. There is more crazy stuff at my new collecting location, so I cannot wait to get there again.

Old and cracked bark. I like that.


  1. The tree has very nice grounds to become a bonsai.
    Cut very consistent ..... The tree will be fine .....

  2. The tree looks like it's been grafted. The upper part with relatively smooth bark onto a bottom part with rough bark. I don't have anything against that, but a similar "fault" with grafted palmate maples is not, shall we say, desirable.

    When you say 'trunk', do you mean just the bottom part or also further up?

    Further more: do you mean to keep all those stumps? If you don't, and I can't see how you could, there will be scars on the trunk. How do you intend to deal with them?

  3. The tree hasn't been grafted. There are no "faults" on naturally shaped tree material, there are just things that add character and beauty to the specific tree. So, I don't get that "desirable" moment that you are trying to put out. These trees cannot be comparable with mass produced artificially propagated maple stuff.
    When I say "trunk" I basically mean on a lower part of the whole trunk.
    Yes, I mean to keep most of all those trunks. That means maybe one or two will go. But just maybe. Probably everything stays.
    I'm not sure if I can help with the problem of you not seeing how all of these trunks can stay. These are not trunks. These are more like branches than trunks. So, no problem to me. Regarding scars? Also, no problem. I do not deal especially with scars. Probably just shape them a bit with Makita. The tree deals with them and the result is called callus.