Sunday, January 22, 2012

Second one this year

Second orientalis from yesterday's collection. Not a bad one also, but not as good as previous one.."The Champ".
As far as I can see, seems that smaller trees are in fashion. I am beginning to like smaller stuff. Yesterday, as we were searching the collection sites, everything I noticed were smaller trees, so my eyes obviously search and see what my heart wants...
And it's a kind of relief...much easier to dig and especially to carry to the car. Simple to fix in the pot also. A like this small trees very much.
Of course, this doesn't mean that I won't collect something gigantic if it gets in the way. Anyway, the collecting season has just started...

Powerful trunk...tons of branches...a sort of grotesque look. Like it very much :)
Many of these branches must be further shortened and cut back, some of them removed completely, but not now, there will be time for that...

Comparing to my fat face...the tree is still fat and powerful

 Probable future back side...


  1. Hello Sebastijan!

    You've changing the size of trees? Let's go to the shohin size!

    Nice catches, I am a bit envious. By the way. The Champ looks a bit better, but this tree has also a great potential. The inner part is a bit dense, there is too much branches. But this is only my opinion.
    So, very nice trees. Congratulations!

    Greatings from Budapest


  2. Hello Sebastian,
    we miss you at the Noelanders ;-) but when yamadoriseason starts, ok ...;-)
    stunning trees at all but my heard is with the big ones. I never stopp to envy you for your aereas ;-)