Monday, March 26, 2012

Powerful hokidachi Carpinus!

Tree was originaly collected by my friend Mario...but we have found the way to transfer it to my garden...permanently.
Tree grew in a plastic bucket for one year. I decided to pot it in a wooden box that is very flat and suits the tree very well. Tree has very flat root system. 

The numbers are totaly impressive:

trunk width: 25cm
surface root spread: 50cm 

The best thing of all is that...the tree with such a powerful surface root spread fits in a extremely flat container. Growes strongly. This year only basic control year drilling wounds and first wiring. This tree's potential is so great that it will be possible to finish the tree and to became presentable in a record time.

Back side

Lateral view

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  1. Vidi se da si ulozio mnogo truda. Svaka cast