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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Season 2018. - Carp 1

This is a fantastic and very problematic tree. It has a gigantic surface root spread, huge nebari
and that is a main feature of the tree as I see it.
The tree was collected in 2010 and potted in a big wooden temporary container
which measured almost a meter in square…90x90cm.
When it came time to repot this tree….those roots were too big for any bonsai
pot in order to remain in scale with the rest of the tree.
And...if you cannot fit the tree in to the bonsai pot….what good it is for?
Well, you don t need a very good...lets say impressive tree in a wooden box,
or plastic bin, do you?
So I decided to drasticly further reduce/cut the nebari closer to the base of the trunk.
And the tree responded badly. I expected that it will be some problems...lets say slower 
growth season, minimal branch other words, like a freshly  collected tree.
But it was worse. The tree almost died. I had to strip it of all his leaves in the middle of spring and
hope it will put out new shoots and slowly recover.
I have repotted the tree in an oversized container to let it grow freely with lot of
root run. 

That was 2 years ago.

Everything settled. Tree slowly started again...but this is the result. First 4 years were
waisted. I had to make deep cuts in a remove all dead basal branches that were dry and
without any growth..
Now...after 2 years in a huge pot with very free draining mix and heavily fed...the tree explodes
of newly gathered power. Growes like crazy and produces shoots  a meter long in spring.

Now, on this video, all that new shoots were turned into new branches, wired and repositioned.
All that heavy cuts were shaped with the makita grinder and burned...shaped.
(about how to go with wounds on deciduous trees in next video)

This great tree is now ready for rebuilding of a new crown over a few years .
It will stay in this pot without repotting at least 2 more years...maybe 3.

Will report progress

The tree is showed in previous videos...if someone finds this interesting you can easily look and
see how it was before.

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