Saturday, September 12, 2009

Few of my smaller trees

Here, I wanted to show few of my smaller trees, just to convince anyone who doesn't believe that I collect also smaller stuff.
Many of these trees are in developement fase, specialy Ligustrums. A few others are more advanced.
So, here are some small inhabitants of my little garden.
FS (face for scale) is here just to assure you that these are not taller than couple of inches.
Ligustrum vulgare (European ligustrum), collected from a hedge, 60-80 years old. Nebari 25-30cm. Finished tree will not be much taller than now.

Ligustrum from same location and same age.


One more.

Picea glauca "conica" (that longest branch on the left is not ok, something has to be done. probably bent further down, or to be shortened..., we'll see. and that branch on the right side, opposite to that ugly left...has to bent down also)

And this is my popular and famous Hedera. It has been trained and wired from seadling for 14 years. It begins to look more rounded and mature, so I'm very happy. My 14 year old project is showing results :)

During 14 years, the roots grasped the rock firmly.


Monkey :)

Autumn colours of Parthenocissus quinquefolia


  1. Hello Seba,
    I especially like your Ligustrums ... that´s GREAT stuff!!!
    The more I´m looking at them the better I can imagine to see some fabulous cratures in it. Very mystical!


  2. hallo sebastian,
    the ligustrum and especially the hedera are super ... great stuff ... not only your graet ones ;-) whats up with your forest of carpinus orientalis and you stunning jews ? are they doing well ?

  3. Thanks Igor, I'm happy that you like them. I think that they are beginning to show a traces of future form. Where are you? What is happening with your blog and trees?

  4. Hello my friend avicenna, nice to hear from you regularily! All the trees that you are asking are ok. Jews are very slow growres but...everything is fine. Especially the big one. Carpinus forest growes like crazy. Maybe I will put some pictures. Now, I'm all in mugo collecting. Thanks for the interest. Your pots are fantastic.

  5. Hi Seba,
    I opened this new blog with my buddy "Dave" ... just a common idea ... We are hoping to find more bonsai people from our own province through this blog. A sudy group or club here in Vorarlberg would be great :) Let´s see if it´s gonna happen.
    Trees are O.K., they are just getting more and more - but to whom am I talking ;)

    Nice Regards,

  6. Dragi moj, ligustrumi su mljaaaac samo takav!!!