Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mugo "Constrictor" and "Prometheus"

Another collecting trip and more beautiful pine trees.
It was nice and sunny day.
This first tree is a fantastic mugo with natural shari. Cascading type of tree. I like this one very very much. At the end of this post, you can see it in a training pot.
The name that was given to him is "Prometheus". The tree was bound to the rock with a
claw-like shari and exposed to the elements for many years. Because of that, the tree has naturaly dead branches and shari. Prometheus is beautiful and elegant, and at the same time old and gnarled.

My darling.

This tree was growing on the top of a large rock. When two or three larger roots were cut off, the tree was lifted from the rock with complete and incredibly dense root ball.
This is a second collected tree. This is Pinus mugo "Constrictor". It looks like a giant snake, like a giant Boa constrictor. It is turned and twisted many times, around and around.

Twists and turns are fantastic. I cannot say which side is more interesting.
Have you seen such a snake! And look at this mass of twisted wood!? It is huge. This tree also came out with a very good and dense root ball.


Prometheus in a training pot.


  1. hallo sebastian,
    I envy you really because of your excellent yamadoriaereas... simply the first cream what you have found... I am curious on the further development.