Thursday, May 6, 2010

More drilling for Prunus mahaleb

Remember that big Prunus mahaleb? I was never really happy with first drilling of a big stump. So I further shortened the thick trunk and made more shari. I decided that this fat trunk should be totally sharied and must dissapear. The unwanted part is that fat and straight branch on the left in the first picture on the collection site.

Powerful nebari and huge trunk but...extremely complicated fat and straight trunks-branches.
First drilling 2009 with Walter Pall. I wasn't happy with the result. Everything was still too long, too fat...

And here it is now. That fattest branch is sharied totally.
Possible front. I will cut the plastic pot more to show the impressive nebari and I will wire the tree in the next few days.
So far so good. To me, much better than before. I think that the result will be more obvious after wireing.


  1. Hallo Sebastian,
    let mi tell you my true opinion...the prunus was a very interesting and fat tree after digging and of course there were two quite similar trunks in diameter at the top. But with a littel more time and a calmer carvingwork you could make a natural shape in future. This tree was not too fat!!with his leaves and its flowers it would have a very natural shape ... think about your other trees. Now it looks like a carved tree and you could find this kind of stuff at every corner ... cut a fat tree and carve ... sorry but this outfit now is not what the tree had deserved.

  2. Than you Avi for your sincere opinion. Well, for a long time I had a problem with this tree, and, I could not help myself, I wasn't satisfied. And after some further corections, I still was not happy with the tree. I will try now to arrange the basic branch structure, maybe I will to some extent reduce the big shari. Believe it or not, I am now happier than I ever was with the tree.
    But thanks for a very sincere and very good suggestions. I will try to have it on my mind.
    Thanks my friend