Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taxus tanuki 2

Tanuki part 2. Here you can see Mario's hands helping me with drilling procedure. Tanuki on taxus proved to be very difficult task. Extremely hard wood, even young taxus plants you cannot easily bend! And old weathered wood is even harder. It is so hard that it's difficult to hammer a nail into it!

After some thinking, we have found basic lines along young taxus trees will travel up the dead trunk.
The stump with finished drilling.

"New growth" is in place. Young trees are fastened to the old stock using nails or screws.

There is really not much to see now. These young trees will not be further worked this year. There will be no wireing or cutting extra growth. The main aim is to fatten the live veins as quickly and as much as possible. Any cutting will be unproductive. If everything goes well, first shaping is to be expected next year, together with some cleaning and working on deadwood. I will report further developement.


  1. If you want to quckly fatten the truncks, you schould plant the tree in the garden. That way it goes much faster. (this methood was tested by me)


  2. But, it is possible to plant the tree in the garden only if you have garden bed created with a modern substrate. Otherwise, you just plant the tree in the mud and growth can be very poor. I have tested this metod several times and, yes, that is true... You CAN achieve a great increse in volume and girth but, I have also an experienced rotten roots and dead plants. So, that is not my style anymore.