Monday, September 26, 2011

Kevin Willson

Last weekend, we've had a special guest in our garden. Kevin Willson was here. What to say about the man everybody already knows...he is one of the most popular bonsai artists in the world today, a brilliant bonsai designer and technician, a true artist and nature lover, a free spirit, great personality, drawer, gardener...
To say the truth, I didn't expect such a package of different but in the same time compatible qualities.
We were laughing to tears, he knows to be so funny. We have learned so much about bonsai and especialy designing and making deadwood. His work with deadwood is second to none. A brilliant technician and teacher. Our whole group was amazed how many fantastic things and tricks we've learned in this few hours of his demo and workshop.
I have about 10 Gbytes of photos and videos with Kevin. I need some time to edit all this material.
First of all, you will see an incredible demonstration work on a Picea abies.
After that, I will post all videos one by one, as I manage to edit them. Probably every day or two I will do one. Till the end of week, everything will be here. Just for a start, a few photos of Kevin while he was drawing some of my trees. First video of Kevins demo...tomorrow.

Thank you Kevin Willson for everything. You didn't leave a trace on the trees only... you've carved our hearts with the most powerful tool of all...your free spirit.
From Croatia to you...we send our love and deepest respect.
Thank you

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  1. It was absolutely fantastic! This pictures can't give back the atmosphere. This man is very professional and very impressive. We learned in two day, aproximately two years.
    Thank you for the organization!