Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VIDEO: Kevin Willson - Demo - Picea abies Part I

Kevin Willson is working on a yamadori spruce, a very difficult material. His technics and a feeling for design are just fantastic...and the result, the difference from start material and almost finished tree is unbelivable. When I was planing the workshop, I was thinking...let's see what will he do if I give him this terrible tree. And at the end...we all were just stunt with the result. The man is a genius. And, remember the film when Picasso is painting a bull on a piece of glass and the camera is from the other side, so you can see every stroke with a brush...I've had the same feeling while Kevin was doing a deadwood. In a few strokes with Makita, the straight and uninteresting parts just start to move. It is dinamic and misterious...simply fantastic. He is a virtuoso with Makita!
Just see the videos:

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