Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shohin Maffia

Kevin Willson and guys from Shohin Maffia in my garden.
This weekend was special because of Kevin Willson's demo and workshop, but also, because I've had a great opportunity to meet and spend some time with our friends from Hungary, the guys from Shohin Maffia http://shohinmaffia.blogspot.com/.
These people are just amazing. Very nice, very friendly, they have spent the whole weekend with us watching Kevin's work on bonsai with great interest. I am very happy that I was just so lucky to meet these guys...so, thank you shohinmaffia for all your effort travelling so far to my garden. Now, I have new friends in Hungary that I'm proud of.
Thank you Balint and all of you people for wonderful bonsai pots that you make. These are very beautiful and very special.

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  1. Dear Sebastijan,

    we have to thank You for your effort to organise such a high quality demo and workshop.
    It was a wonderful event

    Best Regards