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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prunus - Wiring - winter 2013.

This prunus was never very good material...too fat, too fat and just...too fat. And without much character.
But, then, almost the years seemed pretty nice starter.
Well, during the years, it turned out to a nice little picture of scary old rotten and weather beaten tree.
The best I can do is to keep going on with will be a beauty..some will be surprised, in spring, it is full of little white beautiful flowers.
And now it's the time for remake...a wire remake. I is too, hard thining out and total wiring.

No video this time :)




  1. Hello Seba!
    You can be proud! Great work, with a great material. Just a few years and we will stand before your trees at XIX. Noelanders Trophy. ;-)

    1. Oh yes, sure. I wish!? Maybe that day comes in a hundred years :)
      Thanks anyway
      Kiss to Kriszty!

  2. What a great tree! You know there are many people that hate wiring their trees...? I think its becouse they dont want to face the difficulty.
    Maybe you would like to know that we use to talk about your blog at my club, about you yamadory hunting techniques overall...
    Greetings from a spanish follower...