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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VIDEO: Carpinus orientalis - Winter session

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  1. Hallo Sebastian,
    great work with a stunning carpinus, respect for that !
    What is your view for the future especialy with the uro, the prewhole( 4 th picture from the end) in the trunk and with the root witch ends not naturaly above the surface( last picture at the right side)?


    1. My dear Avi!
      Uro is not finished...I have hardly just drilled a hole last year and didn't do anything from that time. It will be drilled in spring, no problem with that.
      That ugly root will also be drilled in spring.
      Hope to see you at Noelanders???

  2. I forgot .. great entertainment ;-) for the tree and your work ;-)

  3. You mean "strength", surely?

  4. Hi

    Great job and outstanding material, congratulations!
    btw: could you add any link to previous works on this tree?
    It would be nice be able to follow the progression from the raw material (or even form the collection if you filmed it)to a almost finished beatiful bonsai.

    Thanks for sharing, your site and videos are a great source of inspiration.

    greetings from Spain.

  5. Cao Sebastijane

    Drvo ti je EXTRA

    mogu ti reci da si dobar ucitelj