Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Duda's drawings!

These are wonderful drawings that my wife Duda made a few days ago. She had some time to spare on her work and she was just looking some fotos of our trees on the Net and do this sketches. I was surprised and delighted. The drawings are fantastic. I even immediately changed the design ideas planed for some trees. The trees are fantastic, the drawings are fantastic, she is fantastic. Love you Dudily. Thanks.

Fagus sylvatica (2006.)

Ostrya carpinifolia (2006.)
Carpinus orientalis-new one

Carpinus orientalis-new one


  1. gratulation for this trees ... the trunks are realy beautifull especialy from the carpinus ...i am so envy that those trees are not growing in my aerea :-( here carpinus betulus, quercus robur and petrea, fagus sylvatica is the species but i ll keep searching for those execellent yamadoris that you found ...