Saturday, March 28, 2009

New pond, big old stumps, small kids

A few new yamadori stumps.
My kids with some more this years yamadori stumps.
Vlatko, Luka and Carpinus orientalis.
This is just recently constructed pond. Duda and I finished basic construction works few days ago. We planted mosses and aranged rocks and stones and old big rotten stumps. The pond will be much nicer in a couple of months time. My Koi are in Chajko's pond so I have to bring them back and put them in their new home. This lake is deeper than previous one but a bit shorter. I plan to put bonsai stands in some places around the lake. There is much more work to be done. This is just a good start. I'm happy. In front of the lake you can see Acer palmatum Deshojo still without leaves. It is sprouting now.

My two little garden dwarfs.


  1. your little garden takes place ;-) very fine destination ... i like your yamadoritrees ... i am waiting for the start of the carpinus orientalis ... crossing all fingers that the develope well ;-)

  2. Thanks. Carpinus orientalis is already sprouting, so all goes well. Carpinus orientalis is very easy to take root.