Sunday, March 8, 2009

Prunus mahaleb Chajko - Wild cherry

My friend set his eye on this small Prunus mahaleb. It is a wonderful cute "little" tree. The tree was growing bent around some fat stump of some other tree. That made the task of collecting mahaleb much more difficult. We had to cut roots of two linked trees and distinguish one from another. The trees came out as a couple. It was too difficult to separate them on the collection site. Complete removal of that stump between mahaleb's feet was left for homework with motorsaw. Here are some fotos of Chajko and tiny prunus!!!

"Where to start???"
"This doesn't move at all!"
"I can use it like a chair!"

The task of carrying this pig was left to strongest among us. This big superhuman on the right side counts as three average men. He can carry it by himself, alone, just in case...

Chajko and Mario. Ah yes, and fallen prunus.
My friend Mario.

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